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We are one of the most reputed and trusted company supplying superior quality instant premix tea, coffee, cappuccino, soups, green tea & many more hot beverages made with natural ingredients.

Our range of instant tea-coffee-soups are widely acknowledged and relished by reputed corporates and their offices/ factories, hospitals, Doctor Clinics, MNCs, Textile Companies, Project Companies, Architects, Industrial Canteens, Automobile Showrooms, Builders, IT Companies, Pharma Companies, Retail Showrooms, Catering companies, Premium B-schools, many more….for the superior taste, aroma, all within an affordable price range!

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Vending Machine Details :

  • Microprocessor Controlled
  • Hot Water Function
  • Aesthetic Design
  • Cup Counter
  • Half Cup Option
  • Quick Start-Up


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Our Vending Machines are easy to operate, requires just 10 minutes of maintenance & cleaning daily, and above all they make top quality tea-coffee-soups-green tea instantly and that too in relatively hygienic way! What more do employees require in a company?!

The approx. costing per 100 ml cup of tea/ coffee/ soup is less than Rs 5 – HYGIENIC, BOILING HOT AS WELL AS COST EFFECTIVE!
A uniform taste always with no compromise on quality! No more complaining to your office boy regarding the changing taste of your tea-coffee everyday…
If you clean the machine & dispensing nozzle daily for 5 minutes, nothing more is required!
In case of water spillage on electrical components, the same can be repaired/ replaced immediately
You can well in advance, estimate the cost of your beverages and consumption. You can also customize the machine to dispense the beverage with a coin that is allotted to your employees, in case you wish to limit the consumption.

Go ahead and enjoy the super taste of our beverages, with no worries on service issues……


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We are recommended by our customers as one of the most hygienic and tasty tea-coffee premix suppliers, especially for corporate offices, hospitals, factories etc.

There are many doctors who are our esteemed clients, and having bestowed their trust on us, are using our products at their clinics/ hospitals.

Similarly, a lot of IT companies/ MNCs are our regular customers since more than 3-5 years, have been consuming our products for their thousands of employees, without getting bored of taste, rather more than happy with the taste & our prompt after sales- services…..

We also supply the vending machines on outright sales basis, monthly rental as well as complementary [based on monthly assured consumption & billing]


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One of the only few professionally managed distribution houses for office beverages.

Prompt and reliable service support for maintenance/ repairs of machines

Wide range of instant hot beverages for your employees/ premium guests refreshments, all at your office readily available. No more waiting time for tea-coffee neither instructing the canteen guys to make SPECIAL TEA for special customers!

Based at Ahmedabad, Gujarat, we cater to every size of corporate within Gujarat, and large corporates outside Gujarat


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